Thursday, 7 July 2016

waterfalls and Geysers

Gulfoss waterfall, Geysir geyser, evening at Lake Laugarvatn. 

We biked over the rolling countryside, ahead was a large dark outline of mountains and I gradually realised that there was a huge glacier behind the mountain. We stopped at a little canyon where milky glacier water flowed through a deep canyon where one could see sediment from rocks laid down millennia ago. I again lay down and meditated there.

Gulfoss is Iceland’s largest waterfall, it is actually two waterfalls, one breaking up the water and then another with water falling into a narrow chasm. Again I was just awed by the force and beauty of it. We were able to walk around the waterfall at many different angles, looking at it from above and closer up. One could see the vegetation changing with plants growing beside the water. There was also an excellent tourist shop with many attractively designed goods, I bought a nice blue woollen hat to replace one of my ones at home.
We then biked on to Geysir, here there is a steam vent and a huge column of water is ejected intermittently, one stands around and watches for the jet to emerge. The water bubbles unpredictably and I quite enjoyed the sight. We biked across rolling countryside and stopped at a farmhouse for ice cream, I had a delicious raspberry one. We biked on to Lake Laugarvatn and stayed in a large hotel that doubles as a university during the winter. We went down to the local hot springs and relaxed in the pools before coming back to the hotel. There was also a private fee paying set of pools, with very stylish decor. We had a nice but rather institutional meal which felt as though it had been made by trainee chefs, mushroom soup and fish flowed by skyr. Then sat on the terrace and looked out on the lake and drank liqueur 43 that the Yorkshire team provided, rather sweet but ok. Good things. Waterfall

Bad: none

Surprising. Stylish hot water pools in town, change of scenery as we biked away from Gulfoss waterfall.

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