Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Driving to Sauoarkrokur

Library of water in Stykkisholmur, driving to Borgames, then R1 to Blundous, textile museum, Sauoarkrokur, evening light.  

I walked around Stkkisholmur and up onto the small basalt island which gave me beautiful views of the town. The sea there is full of fish and life, very rich marine life. Then walked up to a beautiful installation called the Library of Water. This was made by Roni Horn in a disused house. She took water from 26 endangered glaciers and put it in Perspex columns arranged in a room with windows on three sides. The floor was thick rubber and had different words for water, chilly, steamy, rich etc. It was a lovely way of exploring light and water. I lay down on the floor to experience it as a Zen moment.  

I had a long drive, first back to Borgames which was 120 km then 220 km to Sauoarkrokur. However the R1 is quite fast to drive on a dry summer day and there is little other traffic. I stopped in a R1 cafe, lots of hamburger and steak sandwich options. 

At Blonduos I visited a tiny new museum, the national textile museum. This is a small museum, just three exhibition rooms and a basement. The main exhibition was of huge circles made of sheep wool some of which looked like spider webs, some were far more solid and looked like rocks and moss. There was also a large exhibition of cotton and needlepoint. This was imported and done at home by women. There was also information about a woman, Hillbrand, who had started a movement to teach women domestic skills and had campaigned for recognition of women's work. Very admirable. There was also an exhibition of Icelandic costumes. It was a lovely cultural break on the drive.  

I drove down to Sauoarkrokur, a small town beside the sea. The village looked lovely in the evening light with brightly coloured houses. I am staying in a large guesthouse. I walked down by the harbour; the light on the sea and the rocks was lovely even at 23.00. I had a fine fish supper in a restaurant painted bright blue, Oscarhuis. 

Good: library of water
Bad: the long drive
Surprising: the exquisite textile museum in Blonduos
Hotel Mikligardur guesthouse

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