Sunday, 10 July 2016

Reykjavik culture

Reykjavik, Harpa hall concert, Icelandic art gallery, museum of culture, tower view, lobster supper.

Walked over to the Harpa hall and enjoyed a lunchtime concert there, Schumann songs by a young Icelandic pair. I then walked over to the modern Icelandic art gallery and saw an exhibition called Kingdom Flora and Fauna about Icelandic nature and man’s position in the natural world. Quite good. I then looked at retrospective about Erreo, one of their major artists. He worked in Paris during the 50s and 60s and his work was angry and surrealist. I did not like it much. I had a late lunch in a nice cafe overlooking one of the squares. I then had a brilliant couple of hours at the exhibition called "Points of View " which was in the “House of Culture” and explored different aspects of Icelandic culture thorough reflections on the concepts of up, again and again, outside, inside, from the cradle to the grave and down. In the first they explored the role of the Virgin Mary in old Iceland, in the second the use of repeating patterns in everyday culture such as bed boards. The top floor linked to together volcanoes and the changing landscape with a huge picture of lava dots on a white canvas amongst others. It was a beautiful thoughtful exhibition and one that I could easily have returned to.

I the walked up Skolavordustugur street with the view of the modern Hallgrimskirkja designed by Samuelsson in the 1940s. I had fine views of Reyjkavik from the top and could see the houses painted different colours: pnk green, yellow, very Nordic. I also enjoyed the views of the docks. I sat in the sunshine on a cafe terrace and had a fine view of the church as I was reading. I then wandered down the street, pausing to browse in various design and bookshops. I shall return there before I leave.
Walked down through the main square where a crowd was watching the finals of the Euro match Portugal vs France. I then had an excellent but very expensive lobster supper followed by lovely hot chocolate cake and coconut ice cream combination.

The bar was very quiet tonight in comparison with the rowdy cocktail drinking that went on Saturday night. I wish I had more time in Reyjkavik, I reckon I have two more days worth of museums and concert halls to see here.
Good: Points of View exhib at House of Culture

Bad: nothing

Surprising: view from the church tower

Hotel Icelandair Marina

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