Monday, 11 July 2016

Bachelor camping in Stykkisholmur

Leaving Reykjavik, renting car, driving R1 Borgames settlement centre, mountains, Heimar's bachelor pad in Stykkisholmur, beautiful light on harbour

I am rather reluctant to leave Reykjavik; I have so enjoyed being here and feel that there is still much to see. The car rental was far away in the outskirts of Reykjavik. The road winds over the lowlands so is not very interesting but one does have fine mountains to look at. At one point I turned off the road so that I could stop and look at the mountains, that was a bad idea because I scraped the car door badly which will cost me dearly.

The settlement centre at Borgames was a fine place. The early settlement of Iceland was captured through photos and reconstructions of the Viking ships that came here. It also complemented the exhibition I saw on the Vikings at the BM in 2014. They showed how Iceland was covered in brush and vegetation when first settled; now those fields are bare. I enjoyed an audio tour of the blood thirsty Edil's saga which I doubt that I shall read. So it was good to have learnt about them.

Stykkisholmur is a small port with ferries to the west fjords. The light was beautiful lighting up the hoses and the rocks. I had supper down by the port and had an excellent meal of haddock and veggies whilst admiring the basalt columns of the cliff opposite. I am staying in a homestay run by Heimar, a tall man in his 50s with a long flowing beard. His house is stuffed full of musical instruments with guitars and a drum set in the living room. We chatted about the importance of sitting and looking. Most people stay just one night en route to the ferries and as a stop whilst driving the ring road, but one Austrian stayed 8 nights and went to a different mountain on the peninsula each day. I think I shall enjoy being here two nights.

good: the light on Stykkisholmur
Bad: Scraping the car door
Surprising: the home stay
Hotel Langey Homestay

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