Monday, 18 July 2016

Buying knitwear and ceramics in Rykjavik

Last morning in Reykjavik, shopping for knitwear, ceramics, visited the Art gallery. Bus out to the airport, flight home, beautiful Britain, late back.  

Went out to the Icelandic wool shop and bought the green jersey I liked. I then wandered round the shops and bought a ceramic pot that captures the blue light of Iceland. I walked over to the branch of the Icelandic modern art gallery. This is set in a park and is a modern light filled building. People were around in the gallery enjoying the space. I browsed the exhibition of a famous Icelandic painter called Kjarval who had a modernist style. I liked the way he captured Icelandic scenes. There was also a huge Picassoesque painting with a large figure of a man, a woman with a whip, a couple dancing and other imagery. Interesting and complex. I got back to the hotel just in time catch my airport transfer.  

On the flight home I had a fantastic view over Britain, seeing first the Hebrides, then the Lake District, then the vast conurbation of Manchester and then the Peak district. It was 29 degrees when we landed, a 15 degree temp difference from Reyjavik. I took the Tube home; it was full of people in summer clothes.  

Good Reykjavik modern art gallery
Bad crowded airport
Surprising beautiful clear views of Britain

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