Saturday, 18 August 2012

Day 9: mountains to Santiago

A day of experiencing Cuban resourcefulness and then the salsa in Santiago We walked through the forest in the morning visiting small homesteads and farms growing cocoa and avocados. Life is quite remote up there and everyone travels on foot or by mule. One of our party almost collapsed on the walk through dehydration. She had drunk a litre of mojitos the previous night. So one of the other women, Maggie walked between us for half an hour until we reached a home. Here the midwife was visiting because there was a 3-day old baby. Here we revived Jane and the men made a hammock and carried her down to the hotel at an amazing pace, that is their ambulance!  I was touched by their kindness and resourcefulness,
We had a fine afternoon ride across rolling countryside and then a wonderful 4km downhill ride to Santiago. Spent the evening hearing an excellent salsa band at a famous bar with a balcony on the street  and the female  vocalist sang like Amy Winehouse. Ended the evening with drinks on the 15 th floor bar at our hotel. What contrasts in that day.

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