Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Day 5 (Tues 14th): Trinidad - rest day

Spent the rest day appreciating the elegance of Trinidad and chilling out by the pool. Trinidad is a beautifully preserved old Spanish colonial town with houses painted in hues of blue and pink. One of the most interesting places was the Museo Historico in the former home of a sugar magnate. The elegant rooms with tompe d'oiel were preserved and I could imagine relaxing at the piano.  Trinidad revolutionary history was captured in documents and artefacts on the move away from slavery.  The  bell tower was crowded with  people  being photographed against the beautiful view for their Facebook page. Seeing a monastery that had been turned into a revolutionary museum warmed me.

Trinidad is heaving with shops selling tourist tat, acres of Che fridge magnets and Fidel in a cigar shape and I wondered about the economics of producing these goods for tourist pesos rather than consumables for Cubans. I wonder what the Cubans themselves think about the tourists who have so much in comparison to themselves.
I have also noticed an absence of engagement with the outside world. I have not seen any newspapers or magazines and certainly no internet cafes and very low mobile phone use. 

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