Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Day 6: Trinidad to Camaguey

We started off with a fine cool ride and then climbed up a high tower built in the 19 c  to  check on slaves. Now it is a major tourist attraction and surrounded by stalls of fine white tableclothes painstakingly made at home by Cuban women. We also had  a ride in an old train this looked 19 century but had come from the USSR in 1970. The ride up to lunch was through rolling countryside, a few cowboys were riding round and  we passed  a  state cattle farm.  It was so hot that we stopped at lunchtime. We then had a brief visit to Sancti Spiritus where there were shops for Cubans to buy shoes and clothes.
Then on to Camaguey where we stayed in cell like rooms in colonial elegance. Since this an Aug holiday 85 percent of the group are teachers or students and a quarter are Irish and bring a mellow humour... Age range 16 to 68. Everyone seems easy going and we have gelled well. Our leader is a  black Cuban, his grandfather was brought over as a slave from Nigeria which brings slavery to touching distance.

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