Thursday, 16 August 2012

Day 7: Camaguey to Banoa

A day for enjoying Cuban sculpture. In the morning we went round Camaguey in bicci taxis. Camaguey is a lively city with cyclists buzzing around and lively people. We had a city tour perched in bicci taxis after seeing churches we saw a artist's gallery. She did paintings and ceramic work featuring womens heads. In the afternoon I did not bike but went in the coach chilling out and catching up on my thoughts. Flat countryside with rice paddy fields. The afternoon ended with a violent tropical storm with lightening bolts coming down all around us. We stayed right on the square in Banoa  with the noisiest of starlings. After supper we  found a street full of zany street sculptures and a book shop. The cities in this western part of Cuba feel intelectually livelier.

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