Monday, 13 August 2012

Day 4 (Mon 13th): Cienfegos to Trinidad, Castro's birthday

We biked 88 km at 35 deg and by the end I had almost lost the will to live. In the morning we rode across a rolling upland with beautiful views. Later we crossed several rivers draining in the Caribbean where people  were out on the beaches. We also went into a village store which had no signs outside, inside it had pitiful stocks of rice, beans, spaghetti and expensive plastic buckets. The male household head holds the ration book and the rations are insufficient for a month so then people pay market prices. Poor quality and no choice. Very tough running a household here. 

I have been wanting to dance since I arrived so a group of us went down and danced salsa and heard rumba in open-air bars to celebrate my roommate's (Tamsin) birthday. Surprisingly there were no big celebrations for Castro.

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