Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Wed 21st Sept

Hi from Nepal.
Just had a fantastic ride down from Tibet. Yesterday we traversed a high bleak plateau. Today was a wonderful contrast with a 40 km descent down a valley. This was quite sublime with huge waterfalls crashing down and trees becoming part of the landscape again after treeless Tibet.. It was also uninhabited so I felt I was descending in a secret world. 

We then left China by crossing the friendship bridge and our guides were happy to be home and we lunched on dhal bhat and lassi.  We then had a 40k ride that I thought would be gentle meander past paddy fileds  but the Nepali road is only single track, despite being a maor trade route  and so there were streams, landslides and potholes to negotiate. There was also a vitality in the Nepali villages. 

Tomorrow there should be dawn views of the Himalayas then a gentle ride into Kathmandu.

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