Friday, 16 September 2011

Fri 16th Sept

Yesterday was described as the most difficult day with 84k and a 24k climb to a 5220 pass. As we left Lhatse the kids were going to school in their blue uniforms with yellow neck scarves. Off to learn to be model Chinese citizens. 

We biked up a long long valley that was narrow and still shaded but then opened out. I felt as though I should have reached the top but there was another 14 k of climbing. I only reached the top with the help of kendal mint cake and jan garbarekali khan. I was also spurred on by overtaking four young Swedish guys immaculalely equipped who were clearly shocked that a woman in shorts and a jersey could also be on this climb. 

We hoped to see Everest from the top but it was cloudy and cold. We had another fine descent, this time passing yak herds and nomads in black yak hair tents. We stayed in a small village that is the jumping off point for Everest Base Camp. It had a touristy feel - many restaurants and even a massage parlour.
Our Tibetan guide Ronsak has taken many tours to Everest but he is not tempted to cycle, he is also very diplomatic politically.
There are 17 of us in the group, 6 women, age range 32 - 71yr mainly UK
. 8 people have come with friends, 3 are fundraising (cancer, mencap, bikeability). -it is also quite a competitive group, bristling with meters. I am forming a slow group.

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