Friday, 16 September 2011

Tibet bike ride sept 16

Tibet is on Beijing time, despite being 5000k east. So this morning here was still a full moon at 7.30. The other advantage is that the evenings are long so I have walked around the villages where we have been staying looking at the homes and shops.

Today we had another pass, this time 5200 but not such a long climb because we were dropped off half way up. But it was still a 3 hour ride. We had been promised views of Everest but instead there was cloud. But we could still see the Himalayan chain. The descent was through a bare brown landscape with sharp dramatic edges to the rocks. We  stayed the night in a tiny travellers inn with all brightly painted chests filling the where all the women slept on carpets on the beds.

For the group it was a day of aggression and altruism. One of the young men became v frustrated at not biking every km and took it out on the guide. Fortunately in the evening he  aplogised to the guide and the group and we are probably stronger as a result. The altruism came from a fast woman cyclist who buddied the slowest member of the group up because she had not yet managed a pass. We cheered both of them at the top.
Tomorrow we bike up to Everest Base Camp.

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