Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Tues 20th

We left ebc in cloud and wondering what damage might have been done to
the road by the earthquake. However all seemed ok. We visited another
monastery, again with very few monks and probably fading away. The
valley down from Everest is huge and bare with just a few signs of plant
life, a minimal plant life set, perhaps?.  We then had a picnic in a
green valley where a herd of yaks grazed and socialised. Then back up to
a high plateau at 4800 with perma snowy peaks above. There were more yak
herds and black nomad tents up here. We had a long off road ride down to
the valley. It is utterly bone shaking to be rock hopping on a bike.
Down in the valley there was a  Marshy area and we spotted a white
vulture and a blck and white crane We stayed in Tangli, a depressed town
full of skinny snarling dogs. Tomorrow is another day of high peaks.

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