Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Untold stories at the Louisiana art gallery and Danish designer stores

My artistic friends all said that a visit to the Louisiana art gallery was a “must do” in Copenhagen. It is built in cliffs overlooking the strait to Sweden and has collections of art and sculpture. It is also out in the suburbs so one takes the train from the 19century Copenhagen Central station. As I walked to the gallery through the trees I chatted to a microbiologist from Geneva (an ECCMID attendee). We walked around the gallery together, there were large exhibitions of works by Jeff Wall, David Hockney and Peter Doig. I enjoyed the Jeff Wall photos best, his compositions always have people in interesting situations for which one creates a narrative; a family chopping up pigs, a black man sitting alone in a tiny over crowded room listening to a record, boys boxing in a beautiful room. The Hockneys were charcoal drawings of Yorkshire trees, which although good were missing the bright colour which I so enjoy in his work. There was a large Peter Doig retrospective, again his pictures hint at untold stories, a boat is trapped in the jungle with creepers growing over it, three figures in a snowy landscape, a man on his plantation in the Caribbean. The dramatic pictures made by Richard Moose with greens being turned in brilliant pinks in war scenes from Congo were also there, and I had seen them last year at the Photographers' Gallery in London. The cafe has fantastic views across the sea to Sweden and sculptures placed artfully amongst the trees, reflecting them.
I browsed the department stores, Bolig and Ilium, enjoying Danish design and cleanness of the displays and the items themselves, it is so nice to be away from English over- decoration. I sat in cafe Noorden looking out on the central square (Hojbro Plads) and fountain. Nice walk back to the hotel past old churches.

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