Sunday, 26 April 2015

ECCMID, joining ESCMID mycobacterial group, meal out in the old city

My day started with the tropical session at 9.00 Laura Nabarro from HTD was the ninth presenter in ten tropical cases, most of the other presentations had flaws in the study design. At the mycobacterial session I linked up with Emmanuelle Cambau from the French TB service who is also on the WHO leprosy group. I learnt that Dengue fever is now definitely being transmitted in Southern France when patients acquire dengue abroad and are then bitten by local mosquitoes who then transmit the infection to people who have stayed at home. In Slovenia tick borne encephalitis is a problem. In the evening I joined the ESMID mycobacterial group nearly all of whom are working on TB and only 2 of us are leprosy workers. Like all mycobacterial groups it contains people with very different interests from basic scientists through to clinicians working on rare mycobacterial infections such as a Croatian respiratory physician who is interested in NTMs. We had supper out in a traditional restaurant in the old town and I had excellent plaice.

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