Monday, 27 April 2015

a 360 o view of Copenhagen from Rundturen

At ECCMID a young Irish scientist gave an excellent lecture on microbiomes. We now have the computing power to do big analyses on our numerous microbial passengers in our guts, and elsewhere and we can now analyses these in detail. They had studied the microbiomes of elite athletes and had found some small differences between them and controls but these differences seemed to be a long way from being important clinically.

I wandered around Copenhagen and found myself a victim of the “Monday in Europe” problem because all the museums and art galleries were closed. I walked from Kongens nytov through the royal palace and stables to the Radhuis (Town Hall). This was open and I wandered around and observed people working in highly decorated Victorian gothic offices like St Pancras Station. I walked through the town enjoying the different styles of architecture across the centuries around the university area. The Rundturen was built in the 17 c as an observatory for Tycho Brahe and has a gently curving slope up to the top with fantastic views across the whole city in the late afternoon light. I enjoyed Copenhagen's small size and walking everywhere, I had a Nordic cuisine supper in an Art Deco jazz venue on the harbour, with beautiful views of a darkening sky and baked brill to eat. It is cold here and I needed warmer jacket and gloves.

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