Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Walk in park, views of panorama and Maglić mountain

Our transfer took us up through the mountains through areas of rocky landscape with only short Mediterranean oaks trees as vegetation. The landscape flattened out into plains where sheep and goats grazed.

We stopped at the national park hotel, a large building from the socialist era. We drove on for an hour into the first meeting a logger (possibly illegal) coming down which required pretty good reversing skills by our driver.

We then set off on our walk and started through trees, mixed types we then crossed meadows full of Alpine flowers pinks, yellows, blues. We climbed up a ridge to a peak from which we had amazing views of the landscape, mountains, beautiful rocks sediments visible, walked along the ridge to the point where we had a close view of mount Maglić and also views of the forest, rivers that start up here and other mountains. It is a beautiful landscape, it is very deserted, very little evidence of human habitation. No nomads. Got drenched by a ferocious thunderstorm that penetrated most of our waterproofs.

Had a nice walk back across the meadow and then fantastic views of the ridge which we had just walked on.

5 hours walking

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