Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Bosnia, Dubrovnik and Trebinje

Took a taxi to the airport and saw the vastness of new Zagreb with endless socialist flats and more being built.

Zagreb airport is tiny. I had beautiful views of the Dalmatian coast with azure blue sea small cluster of red roofed house and long peninsulas. I could also see how rocky the ground was.

I took a taxi to Trebinje, our first town. More beautiful views, first of Dubrovnik and the bay, then of the landscape here, vineyards on the valley floors, small trees, dominated by bare mountains with their lines of sediment visible.

Trebinje is a lovely town which shows off the different styles of Bosnian architecture, there are old Ottoman gates, a bridge , an old town with a mosque, small houses , two churches and then a modern gate that leads into the Austria Hungarian part of the town with larger houses, and cafes around a plane tree filled square. In the evening this was filled with Bosnians with 80s music playing.
I had the afternoon to myself because I arrived ahead of the group. I really appreciated this and wandered around the town by myself enjoying the cafes.

The group arrived about 6.00; 16 of us and we seem a typical Exodus mix with a couple of couples and an abundance of single women. The oldest is a wiry man who lived in Islington all his life and moved out to St Albans and now comes back to London the whole time.

In Trebinje one could also see the socialist style buildings, I found a large medical outpatients and a very light airy modern post office.

Bosnia is visibly poorer than Croatia with poorer quality goods and not such a range, lots of local produce especially water melons.

Nice guide Samir who has been doing this tour for some time.

Surprised to see Cyrillic script on the road signs and hotel.

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