Friday, 25 July 2014

Dubrovnik Nudist beach on Lukom, panorama from cliff

Swam several times, took the ferry across the harbour to the island of Lukom. Tried the nudist beach there, I was looking forward to nude swimming but the beach was on harsh rocks that were too hot to lie on. There were no women there, and instead there were toned and tanned gay men. So I retreated to the woods and walked across the island. And had an excellent lunch of octopus and grilled veggies.

Back in Dubrovnik I took the cable car up to the old Napoleonic fort. I had gone to see the war photo exhibition about the shelling of Dubrovnik but I was enraptured by the panoramic view and I had a long, long coffee enjoying the view. The war exhibition was set in a series of five domed store rooms, lots of photos of the Serb shelling of Dobrovnik, incredible that they felt that they could do that given it's UNESCO status. But I was a bit war photoed out and preferred the view.

Had a nice place for my supper in Lapad but the food was nowhere near as good as the previous night at hotel. More ghastly crooners instead of jazz at night. last night, early start for the airport tomorrow. What a great holiday.

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