Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Sri lanka day 3: aug 7 to Nalanda

This holiday is not for lie-a-beds...

We are called at 6 and are on our bikes by 7. It is the best way to cope with the heat. Today we had a fine 20 k morning ride alongside a canal shaded by mature trees. The green vista is punctuated with irridescent flashes of blue as a kingfisher catches his lunch.

I passed a divisional hospital in a village. Sri Lankans have free universal health care with free drugs. The small hospitals have 2 docs and manage only simple cases. All serious cases are transferred by ambulance to the base hospitals who also treat TB! And leprosy. It seems good provision. I am sure I shall have many questions for my colleague Indira when I see her in Colombo in 10 days' time.
We had a very tough and dirty bit of biking across a new road.

We ended the day at a beautiful eco hotel (Jims farm) deep in the jungle. Fabulous wooden interior and balconies. I felt ashamed of disturbing the beauty when I hung my laundry out, including a day-glo bike shirt

We also visited a spice garden and saw pepper creepers and a cocaine tree. We also tested the ayuvedic hair removing cream on Irish Niall's hairy leg. It worked a treat so he should go even faster tomorrow.

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