Tuesday, 13 August 2013

day 9 Aug 13 Tissa Temples and Lagoons

We biked back to the temple along sandy roads, stopping for a breakfast snack at a tiny roadside cafe run by two women who cooked hoppers (dosa-like bowls made from baked rice flour) which are delicious with some sambal. Cooked these on an earthensove which must be difficult to use when it is raining. The two year old daughter was terrified of our white skins and clung to her mother's skirts.

I then had my second vist to the hospital for my rabies jab. It was midday and the hospital had long queues of patiently waiting people. We managed to see the receiving doctor quickly and where then directed to the outpatient nurse who approved my rabies jab, then to the injection area, again not a separate room. The nurse spoke little English but had an anti rabies vaccine (Arvada) register and said that they gave 250 courses per month. The vaccine comes from India and I came away with the package insert to study.

I had a quiet afternoon swimming and reading by the pool. The hotel has created its own rice paddy as part of its garden. And it attracted Herons, waders and ducks.

The Sri Lankan roads are reasonable for biking, in quite good condition, better than the Indian or Nepali roads. The buses are kings of the road in the smaller areas with frequent bus stops. When the bus comes past the cyclist just has to jump into the gutter. There are also lots of tuk tuks, many bright red. One had its cloth roof labelled "bullet proof" another "Mission possible". Maybe they could feature in the next James Bond film.

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