Saturday, 10 August 2013

day 6 Aug 10 Kandy to Nuwara Eliya

Another beautiful ride starting at the lakeside in Kandy. The university buildings are on the edge of Kandy in spacious grounds. We climbed up through rolling countryside. After we had climbed above 100m the vegetation changed quite abruptly and tea bushes replaced paddy fields and deodar pine trees stood in lines beside the road. Nuwayar Eliya is at 1800m and feels cool and damp. At the hotel we were welcomed with hot soup and we huddled round the log fire. Mist hangs around the mountain tops.

I had my own drama that day. I had been attacked by a dog in a monastery in Kandy. I was left with deep grazes and three large bruises. So I called my friend Inita in Colombo and she advised me to go to the government hospital in Nura Eliya. I went to the casualty and was seen by an SHO . He had clearly seen many dog bites and put me on the rabies protocol. I was given my injections by the nurse and a card for my next dose of vaccine. It was all very efficient and clean. I did notice the lack of privacy. I did tell my story and show my bites to an open room . But I was impressed by the efficiency and it was free. Pictures of common snakes adorned the walls of the casualty. I suspect that dog and snake bites are as common as fractured hips in the UK. I had not expected to experience the Sri Lankan health system myself. Fortunately the damage is quite superficial and now I look as though I am modelling bruises and am biking along happily. The mosque in Nuwar Eliya was also covered in green and blues LEDs to celebrate Eid.

I have been surprised at the number of dogs in Sri Lanka. Every home seems to have one. They are not the best kept creatures and I am keeping well clear of them.

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