Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Sri lanka day 2: Polonnaruwa

Another morning of fine riding along small roads through the lush landscape. There are banana trees everywhere.The rice is ripe and waves in the breeze. We biked through a national reserve and saw fresh elephant dung and a dead viper. I wished Chris Ofili had been there making pictures. I also remembered what a problem snake bites are for Sri Lankan farmers.

We also biked along a main road which was hot and exhausting. I did not bike after lunch. In the afternoon when the temp had dropped to 31 we went round the 13c Polonnaruwa ruins. There is a vast stupa that exudes quietude and I walked around it. There was a beautiful evening light on the Buddha's face. At another group of buddhas one is reclining ready to depart this world.

Sri Lankan food is a veggie treat, the beetroot curries are a new delight. Suresh exhorts us to do maximum damage on the buffets.

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