Saturday, 11 October 2014

Córdoba, town, art galleries, wandering

I enjoyed my second day in Córdoba. I wandered around the streets, explored the art galleries and enjoyed my trendy boutique hotel.

First stop was the Museo Freyer in a fin de siècle house and one walks in to a vast reception room with a staircase leading up out of it, it looks very conventional and only later did I realise that some funky modernisation had taken place. This included a staircase covered in black goat fur and panels of plain green light illuminating the front of the gallery. I was very pleased to see Argentine art here after noting the absence in BA. There were some Cezannesque scenes of the fields, portraits both of the rich and ordinary people.

I then wandered around the very modern purpose built Museo of art Moderne and enjoyed looking at some big pieces, one artist made his pieces out of coloured wool, another from overlaid slats. There was also a gallery of photos of Andean people. It was a bank holiday and everyone was out enjoying themselves and relaxing in the sun at the cafes. The cathedral was also busy with a christening going on there.

In the evening I wandered down to old Córdoba and checked out another art gallery, this time in an old town house, with the art works in the former living rooms and a staircase winding up to the upper floor. This had some interesting photos of landscapes and people.

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