Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Salta colonial plazas and museums

Exploring Salta, enjoying the plazas and museums, the tourist peso rate

I went to Salta, a colonial town close the Andes after a friend (Tom Lytttelton)had enthused about the city and to take the classic train los Nubes (train to the clouds) I flew to Salta via Cordoba, going over a huge salt pan in the mountains then great views of the Andes behind Salta.

Salta was asleep when I arrived, the streets were deserted. I was also in a fix as I had no pesos and the taxi driver and hotel did not accept my USD, and I fortunately found a cafe on the plaza where I could pay in USD, Argentina is running two exchange rates an official one of 8 pesos :$ and a tourist one which is published every day and is 14 pesos : $, this is an official rate not a black market one. The tourist rate makes everything here very cheap.

Salta has an interesting mix of architecture with a lot of colonial buildings. I wandered round the Mueos El Norte which started with Inca clay pots and went up to early 20c steam powered carriages. The museum had a series of linked courtyards.

Salta comes alive after 1700 post siesta and hundreds of peoples walk in the plazas, kids play and people relax and talk to each other. Such a contrast to BA.

Sadly the train to the clouds is not running, so I shall take a bus up to San Antonio which is a similar route but not so interesting.

Had supper on the plaza, salad and beer, I needed a light meal after the heavy gastronomy of the day before.

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