Monday, 24 August 2015

Plau Am see blog

This blog describes the holiday that I had in Northern Germany with my friends from the LSHTM DTMH class of 1991 who have holidayed alternate years in different parts of Europe. I am an honorary member of the group, having joined holidays in Tuscany and Cornwall. This year the holiday was organised by Ingrid who lives and works in South Germany but is interested in Northern Germany and the regions that were previously part of the DDR (E. Germany). Serendipitously it fitted into the Baltic theme that I have been having for my travel this year.

We stayed in a house rented in a holiday area in Mecklenburg state beside a lake called Plau Am see, which is a long established holiday area with lakeside houses for decades. We explored the forest and visited Rostock, another Baltic port. The small villages felt N. German and Hanseatic. It was interesting to see how the old DDR area has been developed. I then had a day in Berlin and biked around the city.

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