Thursday, 22 January 2015

Edessa's work on Erythema Nodosum Leprosum (ENL) in Ethiopia and preparing for World Leprosy Day

Edessa gave an excellent presentation of his work to AP and myself in a very focused session. He has done a huge amount of work on T cells, cytokines and Immune Complexes in patients with Erythema nodosum Leprosum. He is also good at analysing the data. He also has 150 biopsies which he will bring to London. I am also looking forward to the further analysis. All this fits into the bigger picture of understanding ENL that we are developing with the ENLIST international collaboration.

Had lunch with Saba, Leo and AP in a trendy burger bar in an old warehouse. I had a tofu burger, one could not have imagined this 20 years ago. I spent the afternoon communicating with Charlotte Walker of the TLMI in London about a story The Sun will be running on World leprosy Day (Jan 26). They have used her story and lengthened it and he has let them take his photo. She wanted to check a few details with me. 

AP cooked a fantastic Greek supper with spinach and feta pie and stuffed peppers.

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